Offer Christmas gift cards in E-Card format this season

Based on several sources, Passworks understands the growing opportunity and demand for retailers and brands to offer Christmas gift cards in E-Cards format this season:


1. According to the Retail Gift Card Association 

Shoppers have targeted the cards to everyone on their lists, and both buying and card redemption are likely to occur across a variety of channels, ranging from the physical to the digital. Awareness of technology as an option, such as mobile wallets, is on the rise.”



2. Other sources such as the National Retail Federation consider that consumers use Mobile Wallets for convenience as they can store cards, coupons and gift cards. For Retailers the bet is completely different  when it comes to digital content:

Robert O. Carr, CEO and Chairman of Heartland Payment Systems considers that:

Mobile Wallets are for Retailers an great opportunity to focus on getting customers into the store, increasing average basket size when in the store and getting customers to come back with loyalty after they make the purchase.”

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