Passworks Wallet: One for all and all-in-one!

Passworks Wallet gives to consumers the benefits and the same experience of Apple Wallet, allowing to store digital passes such as mobile coupons, event tickets, loyalty or store cards and boarding passes on Android devices with ease. And it also works offline.

Mobile wallets, such as Apple Wallet, brings great opportunities for brands to engage and communicate with their customers. On top, Apple Wallet (previous named as Passbook) is a native App which means that all consumers with iPhone have it and can automatically receive direct digital content from brands into their mobile phones. For Android users, the experience is not quite the same since Android Pay is not a native App, meaning that consumer with Android smartphones need to install a Mobile Wallet App to have access to the digital content.

Passworks Wallet
Passworks Wallet — The mobile wallet for Android users

That is why we developed our own wallet for Android:
Passworks Wallet.

For those who want to know more about the App or to create content for mobile wallets, you can always write us! 🙂

O cupão digital da Portugal Wine Room tem promoções exclusivas!

Faça download do cupão digital da Portugal Wine Room no seu smartphone
para ter acesso a promoções exclusivas!

Clique neste link:
ou na imagem para beneficiar já! 🙂

O Natal está já à porta!! 😉

strip Portugal Wine Room - Passworks

PS: Este é só um dos descontos!! Se instalar o passe no seu telemóvel ficará a par de mais informação!

Aproveite! Boas compras e Boas Festas!

Offer your friends & family a Helipass tour!

Helipass, the french helicopter tours company went mobile and is promoting a considerable discount offer for mobile wallet pass users!

Helipass, la compagnie Française de vente et de réservation en ligne d’activités touristiques hélicoptères est en train de communiquer une offre exceptionnelle à ses clients à travers les portefeuilles électroniques.

strip Helipass - Passworks

Click on the image or here: to download the pass and benefit from the promotion.

Vous pouvez téléchargez le coupon ici:  pour bénéficier de la promotion ou en cliquant sur l’ image.


Dupla Paez! Passes digitais para mobile wallets!

A Paez Portugal e a Paez Espanha estão com promoções de Natal!!

¡¡Paez Portugal y Paez España están com promociones de Navidad!!


Se estás em Portugal e queres aproveitar, faz download do passe para a tua mobile wallet!
Abre o link: no teu telemóvel ou clica na imagem para fazer download do passe.strip Paez Portugal - Passworks

¡Si estás en España y quieres aprovechar, descarga el passe digital en tu smartphone!
Abre el link: en tu móvil o en la imagen para lo descargar.

strip Paez Espanha - Passworks

How to Impact with Proximity Marketing

Proximity marketing is at the tip of every respectable marketer’s tongue. The real question behind this coined expression is How can I impact my customers at a specific location near my store or in the store itself?

Proximity Marketing - Passworks
How to Impact with Proximity Marketing –

Juniper’ research provides and answer to this question, showing that in-store beacons (one of 2015 most known proximity marketing technology tool ) have consistently generated high redemption rates. As an example, Hong Kong based CTF jewelry chain saw redemptions rates approaching 60% resulting in a huge sales uplift.

Another example is Macy´s. Macy’s has deployed more than 4000 beacons in-store. Considered one of the leaders in mobile shopping in the US, they offered an in-store experience where shoppers had multiple chances to win prizes by playing the mobile-enabled Macy’s Black Friday Walk In and Win game, triggered by beacons.

“From welcoming customers to our stores as they arrive to providing more relevant messaging and special offers based on their location in the store, we will aim to better engage with shoppers through the use of beacon technology via the Macy’s App, in order to provide our valued customers with an even better, more personal shopping experience,” Mr. Veras said Macy´s Director of National Media Relations according to the Mobile Commerce Daily Magazine.

ItWire and MediaPost Magazine predict massive growth in the next 4 years: almost 2 Billion coupons delivered with beacons! Not bad for a little device that measures 3cm!

But the good news is that beacons can also be associated with mobile passes that can be installed on Apple Wallet (previously named Passbook) or other mobile wallets. A beacon can trigger a notification from the digital pass to remind customers of a promotion at a specific location. This location-based feature allows brands and retailers to either skip any type of App backend integration or to reach customers that don´t have their App installed.

ChilliBeans está com promoções de Natal!

Quer saber quais são? 🙂

passworks natal chillibeans

Faça download do passe da ChilliBeans em: Quero um Natal ChilliBeans 2015

para saber mais!

Happy Shopping & Merry Chilli Christmas!

Passworks & Echangeur, a brand new partnership

Passworks is proud to announce a new partnership, this time with Echangeur, a French technological and marketing center for customer relationship management.

L’Echangeur by BNP Paribas Personal Finance focuses on innovative technologies applied to commerce.

The article from the month of October explains the benefits of mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay versus a retail app.

The agency relates the example of Guess as well as the ease of use of creating mobile marketing campaigns in 5 steps.

For more information, please contact us @



Passworks continue d’accroître ses partenariats, cette fois-ci avec Echangeur, centre d’innovation technologique et marketing de BNP Paribas Personal Finance en France.

Echangeur offre à ses clients une gamme de solutions dédiées à la relation client en s’inspirant des meilleures pratiques de la distribution et des nouveaux usages consommateurs.

La lettre du mois d’ Octobre de l’ agence explique les avantages des portefeuilles électroniques Apple Wallet, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, versus une application de marque pour un consommateur. 

L’agence reprend notamment l’exemple de la marque Guess qui a utilisé la technologie pour communiquer sur le long terme avec ses clients.

Nous vous laissons profiter de l’article et si vous souhaitez nous contacter, écrivez-nous à